Spotlight on History

Spotlight on History

As Tom Petty once said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

While I wait as my novel The Witch is shopped, I realized that none of my writing had been published on All of my content linked out to other sites such as The Daily Beast, ecophiles and

To remedy the situation, I launched Spotlight on History. Here you will find my take on various events throughout history that I found too compelling to ignore.

I’d also like to point out that, while my novels are Historical Fiction, my articles are Historical Nonfiction.

Here are my first three:

Baptized in Blood – The Birth of Saint Augustine
I’ve always been fascinated by the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States. I live only thirty miles south in Flagler Beach and frequently visit Saint Augustine. It truly is a magical place saturated in history, but its origin tells a gruesome tale.

Nowhere to Run – The Krakatoa Tsunami
I’ll admit that I have a morbid curiosity about killer waves, especially tsunamis. The reason is that I was nearly drowned by a large wave when I was eight years old off of Boynton Beach, Florida. I managed to illicit a scream before submerging and was saved by my mother. I’ll never completely erase the trauma of seeing that crackling blue-green wall of water crashing down on me from my childhood memories.

The Ghost and The Darkness – The Man-Eaters of Tsavo
Yes, I saw the movie of the same name. No, the writers didn’t create the title. The Ghost and The Darkness was the name given by locals to two lions who made a smorgasbord out of a railway workers’ camp in Kenya during a nine month period in 1898.  One will never utter the phrase, They’re only animals, after observing how intelligently these creatures behaved.

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